Deposit Fund

Beneficial and Easy: Make a deposit over 7 ways without any commission.

Deposit Fund regulations.

  1. Transaction is executed within seconds by our experts of financial department.
  2. No amount information for customer transactions will be accepted for the benefit of the company by third parties or direct payment.
  3. Customer’s personal account can be withdrawn to provide economical protection and avoid from money laundering.
  4. The company will not be answerable in delays of deposit and withdrawal, such issues are due to the payment system.
  5. If a deposit or withdrawal is not working immediately, then wait for 24 hours. User can perform transactions 24/7.
  6. Amount can be transfer in the same type of accounts.
  7. Processing time for deposits and withdrawal can be changed by company without any prior knowledge to customers.
  8. There will be a limit on payment systems for certain countries to the customers.
  9. Account / Wallet withdrawals of a customer must be comparable to the amount added to your trading account using single or multiple payment system.