Forex Instruments & Assets

The main focus of all the traders is on the global problems of market such as the financial calendar. Our financial calendar of events is the best way to help the traders to follow major economical notifications that results in the fundamental economies & create money fluctuation.

Cryptocurrency Market

This tool shows most of the available cryptocurrencies and arrange them according to the market funding. The main features like total number of coins available, traded amount, closing rate etc. are available. For crypto traders and supporters, we have launched this latest Crypto Market tool.


This tool allows to make customized columns and filters and even provide you different display types e.g. symbol list or toolbar mode. Screener tool provide you the way to screen the instruments depend on technical signals and essential data.

Forex Heat Map

Forex Heat Map help you select trading plans, discover opportunities and boost your confidence in trading. Develop your personal price table within few clicks using your desired currencies. It provides the swift analysis of process in the currency markets. It provides the embed code to users once all the customization is done. It helps the user to identify the strong and weak currency pairs in the real time.

Forex Cross Rates

Forex Cross Rates tool authorize the user to show the quotes comparison of selected currencies and other important currencies in real time. You can make your price list in just a few clicks by selecting the relevant currencies.

Market Data

Market Data tool provides a detailed analysis for the chosen economical instruments that includes efficiency across the global markets, change in value (both percentage & absolute), High, Low, Open & Close values.

Technical Analysis

Our Technical Analysis tool work very smartly and provides you the summarized result depends on all signals. Now user don’t have to apply different signals for evaluating the economical conditions, our tool will perform these stuffs on single click and in real time.